Gloria Currie from Salisbury, Vermont:
My nightmare mare became a dream horse with the help of Bill Campanelli and his natural way with horses. Jolie was a dominant, dangerous mare with minimal handling when I acquired her... more

Mary Lord from Vermont:
Over the years I have seen too many training methods that treat the horse as just a commodity. I want more than that for my mare.
Under Bill's guidance my mare has grown from a shy unconfident horse to an expressive awesome equine partner. more

Polly W Smith from Brownsville, Vermont:
In 2008  I was introduced to Bill Campanelli by a friend who suggested that he come to my place and work with some of my Morgans. I was not disappointed. Bill worked with horses of all ages and sexes and it was absolutely amazing what he accomplished in such a short time and keep the horses happy and interested and having fun at the same time. more

Petra Christensen from Parker, Colorado:
I've met Bill online due to our common interest in Parelli Natural Horsemanship. I am a CHA certified riding instructor and Parelli Level 3 student. Bill guiding me by using the internet to become a better leader for my left brain horse JB. more

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