Ahh, the rock solid, barefooted horse! How sweet it is!  However, you can trim until you're blue in the face, with the best farrier money can buy... It may never happen, if you don't start looking at the way you keep your horse!

Most horses live in a small paddock, with water and hay in close proximity of each other. Why not? It's easier for the human. On top of that, most paddocks are full of manure and horses are put in stalls, thinking they are well kept this way. Not true -- They stock up, and stand in manure & urine until turned out. This stays packed in their hooves, unless picked out. Most horses live in a small paddock, add water and hay, and it becomes a problem. Plus all the vices they develop...

Horses need to travel, lots! People who are serious about having a rock solid barefooted horse keep their horses in a more natural environment. They have corridors and travel lanes and provide food far away from the water, so that the horses can't just go park their butt in a huge pasture. 

Here in the Northeast one of the most difficult things to maintain is a horse's frog. It takes lots of care to keep healthy frogs. This is something that falls on the owner, not the farrier. Sure he can make recommendations, but you are the one that sees your horse the most, and it takes routine maintenance to keep them healthy.

You need to have all these things in place, if you want a solid barefooted horse, that will be a joy to be around!
What Does it Take to have a Rock Solid Barefoot Horse?
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