My nightmare mare became a dream horse with the help of Bill Campanelli and his natural way with horses. Jolie was a dominant, dangerous mare with minimal handling when I acquired her... And although I managed to accomplish some things with her, we did not really understand each other. I never felt safe around her. I needed someone who KNEW what to do, without the use of nose chains, whips, or traditional horse-domination techniques. 

Bill spoke her language. And through calm, persistent, and correct communication, in a language that horses understand, he has laid a foundation upon which I can build. Jolie is no longer dangerous. She is respectful, cooperative, willing, and a joy to be with. 

The change in her has been dramatic, and it was all done in a way that makes absolute sense to a horse.  Through watching Bill work and studying hard, I have expanded my knowledge of horses and how they think and act . And that’s what being a horseman is all about.  Thank you, Bill!     -- Gloria Currie
Gloria's Testimonial
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P.S.  An added bonus is that Bill is a natural hoof trimmer.  So with regular trimming to simulate the wear of a hoof in the wild, my horses have rock-like hooves that will go anywhere on any terrain without issue.  They have a better feel of the Earth beneath them, just like Nature intended.  What could be better?